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"ágata" Asociación Gaditana de Terapias con Animales (From Cadiz Animal Therapy Association)

logo agata"ágata" Asociación Gaditana de Terapias con Animales.

After years of training and studying in the field of animal-assisted therapy, “ágata” was established as a non for profit organization (No. 10283 in the public register of associations of Andalusia) in April 13th, 2013, with the spirit of helping those in need of therapeutic assistance.


foto agata

foto agata


Our center’s main purpose is Equestrian Therapy, including activities with horses designed to contribute in a positive manner to the physical, psychological, social, cognitive, occupational and emotional development of people with disabilities or special needs.

In "agata" we are specialists in different fields of Equestrian Therapies, such as:

  • Hippotherapy: Physiotherapy in a neurophysiological basis, wherethe horse serves as the working tool.
  • Horse Psychopedagogical: A practice that contributes to the cognitive, psychomotor, emotional and social development of people with special needs.
  • Occupational Therapies Equestrian: Recreational activities that increase independent functionality, enhance development and prevent disability
  • Adapted Riding: Modified sports and therapeutic activities with horses.
  • Assisted psychotherapy with horses: Communication process where the horse plays the role of mediator.

Individual Development of a Therapeutic Intervention Program:

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  • Collecting information on the pathology or special need
  • Analysis of information.
  • Individual programming.
  • General and Specific Objectives.
  • Methodology.
  • Activities.
  • Scheduled timing.

Our therapeutic activities are designed by a multidisciplinary team specialized in equestrian therapies,who address all possible needs: cognitive, emotional, verbal, motor…Our plan follows a logical order, from the greeting, the cleaning of the horse,the actual riding with therapeutic exercises, tumbling, and games, through to the collectionof the material and the horse, and the final farewell.

These activities are meant to provide a way to alleviate, improve, educate and correct issues of a physical, mental, neurological, behavioral and adaptive nature. 

Assigned to the Foundation for the development of therapies equestrian center:

logo fundación para el desarrollo de las terapias ecuestresFacebook: www.facebook.com/fundacion.terapiasecuestres
Web: terapiasecuestres.org

Tango wants to be a therapy horse

Participation in the program of Canal Sur "Animal family." Issue Date: March 9, 2011

Senderalia Ecuestre

Address: Malasnoches Road, s / n. 11150-Puerto Real (Cádiz)
Email: senderalia.ecuestre@gmail.com
Phones: 629547031 (Santi) 619006735 (Patri)
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