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Equestrian Tourism

Hour long tours in the Natural Park of Las Cañadas available at all times of the day –at dawn, at sunset, and under the moonlight. Multi day trips are also available, as the best way to enjoy Cádiz´s different Natural Parks:Las Cañadas, Bay of Cádiz,Las Breñas and Marshes of Barbate. Customized tours.

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Equestrian therapies

Oriented activities with horses whose purpose is to contribute positively to the physical, mental, social, cognitive, occupational and emotional development of people with disabilities or special needs. The horse serves as a working tool and integrator, enabler of rehabilitation and reeducation. Therapists withdegrees in equestrian studies. Founders of "agate".

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Riding School. Organization of sports events.

Teaching of techniques in the different equestrian disciplines: dressage, vaulting, jumping, eventing.

We organize competitions at all levels for these disciplines. Extensive and successful experience inorganizing equestrian endurance races (raid), equestrian eventing, as well as designing and preparing courses and cross obstacles.

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School Endurance (raid)

Learning of the techniques of riding in the great outdoors, considering veterinary parameters and the management of efforts, training methods, participation in our raid team. Organization of reknown competitions, such as "Las Cañadas" raid in Puerto Real, Cádiz, ranked as a two stars international event and already in its 20th edition.

We are currently launching the first edition of the Equestrian Raid Solidario "La Breña" tobe held in the Natural Park of Las Breñas and Marshes of Barbate, Cádiz.

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Leisure Activities with horses

Organization of children's birthday celebrations, group games, school programs, where the horse makes possible that learning turns into a fun game.

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Workshops, courses and training

Courses, Workshops, Conferences, Gatherings on equestrian therapies, and everything related to the world of horses and their rational management, the environment, nature and ecology.

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Monitors graduates with extensive experience:

Tourism technical certificate, Specialists in Equestrian Tourism. Horseback Riding Technicians. Masters in Equestrian Therapies. Veterinary Assistants. Lifeguards and first aid.

Spanish, English, German and French Spoken.

Insurance against accidents and civil liability.

Santi & Patri
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Senderalia Ecuestre

Address: Malasnoches Road, s / n. 11150-Puerto Real (Cádiz)
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Phones: 629547031 (Santi) 619006735 (Patri)
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